The 2018 Foundation Cocktail 


On October 18, 2018, the Foundation held its annual fundraising cocktail at the SKY LOUNGE on the 38th floor of YUL Condominums.

It was a memorable evening with Montreal City Council President and Peter McGill District Councilor Cathy Wong; CSDMCommissioner, Marie-José Mastromonaco;Saint-Léon Principal, Tania Genzardi; Jean-François Tremblay, President of the Foundation; all his colleagues on the board of the Foundation; Nathalie Gehring, President of the OPP, in addition to many parents and other Friends of the Saint-Léon-de-Westmount Foundation.

Music teacher Patrice Côtégaveus a heartfelt testimonialabout the impact of the Foundation's support in the lives of students in Saint-Léon. He surprised the audience with a wonderful opera performance acclaimed by a thunderous applause. In addition, we had the great pleasure of hearing the musicians Luminé and Mayu Egan from the Westmount Youth Orchestra.

Together, we raised $ 3,500 to help enrich the future of Saint-Léon's students! Thank you all for your very generous contributions.